music creator and educator, creative producer
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Liv (She/ They) is a multidisciplinary creative living in Sheffield, UK. A love of music and the arts is at the heart of everything she does, paired with a passion for bringing new and inspiring experiences to all, but particularly people who may have faced barriers in their access to the arts previously.

In short: if it's exciting and creative, she'll do it!

Liv has a BA in Music from the University of York, and is an experienced orchestral violinist and violist, choral singer and director, and bass guitarist in bands and pit orchestras. Now, she specialises in writing music for film, tv and podcasts, producing pop under her solo act seedling and directing choirs performing her arrangements of both current and classic alternative pop.

As a Producer, she has created sold-out events with Dina in Sheffield and led the production of House of Future Creatives at Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham.